Zammer straight rotor screw compressors

In Zammer straight rotor screw compressors the engine shaft is connected with the screw module through the elastic coupling.

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Either straight, or belt rotor – which is better to choose

Which compressor rotor is better is a fully wrong question. Each rotor has its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice of the device depends on which processes it will make and the capacity and power are required.

The advantages of the Zammer straight rotor screw compressors

Main advantages:

  • the belt drive service doesn’t require.
  • the noise level of straight rotors is lower than belt drives have.
  • they are economy.
  • the losses are excluded while energy transfer.
  • they don’t require of the belt regulation and adjustment.

The straight rotors are high resistant for the dust intrusion, comparing the belt drives, and the machine can be used in dusty industries conditions.

High-cost of the machinery and its parts, especially for the coupling is a main minus of straight rotor. But no need schedule service and the durability of the drive construction quite justify this moment.

Zammer straight rotor screw compressors with integrated dehumidifier

The starting currents which 3 – 5 times exceed the nominal value are the popular problem of all asynchronous engines. Such load interferes with work because it causes limits while several machines starting at the same time, especially when we talk about several compressors. The frequency drives which transform one frequency AC current to another frequency AC current, that ensures a smooth starting is the solving of the problem. While smooth starting, the engine speed increase slowly, that allows to proceed the lifetime of mechanical parts. It is very useful for straight rotor models as they are subjected to often on and off operations.

Also, the coupling is damaged fast while the strict starting of straight rotor and the converter increases its durability.

The integrated dehumidifier of refrigerated type dries the compressed air inside the compressor to avoid the destroying effect on equipment because of corrosion.

Therefore, the complex Zammer integrated dehumidifier and frequency drive performs two important task in the same time – 25% economy of the electricity and the most Important parts of the compressor equipment lifetime increasing.

Where the using of straight rotor is advisable

Because of technical peculiar properties, Zammer straight rotor screw compressors are used in:

  • In industrial production with a high and average volumes of compressed air;
  • In the high polluted manufactures.

Zammer compressors use the original factory parts that increase the durability of the machine and make better the labor quality conditions on the production.