Zammer belt drive screw compressors

Zammer belt drive screw compressors differ lower power rating. The screw module they have is started with belts, so it is not necessary to use powerful engines. But the efficiency factor is lower for 2 – 3% in this case. Nevertheless, the belt drive models have a lot of advantages, which explain their popularity.

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Either straight, or belt rotor – which is better to choose

Everything depends on the power is required and productivity.

The advantages of the Zammer belt drive screw compressors

Basic advantages:

  • the starting smoothness;
  • the high repairability – belt, sheave, bearings can be easy changed in case of damage;
  • it is very easy to use.

Besides, operating pressure and productivity can be varied by changing of the different diameter sheaves.

For example, in case of emergency, the belts are torn while screw blocked, that is exclude the engine fire. The belts changing process doesn’t take a lot of time and it is not necessary to have either skilled staff or special equipment. So, in case of the most emergencies the probability of downtime is excluded, that explains the interest to the Zammer belt drive screw compressors in the factories.

Zammer belt drive screw compressor with integrated dehumidifier

In completed Zammer compressors dehumidifier and frequency drive are integrated which perform the productive work of the equipment and increase its lifetime.

Integrated dehumidifier allows:

  • to avoid the corrosion and oxide dust occurrence, which block the channels;
  • to avoid the condensate accumulation which extrudes lubricates out of the compressor;
  • to exclude the aqueous emulsions occurrence, which also blocks the channels that reduce the compressor lifetime.

Integrated frequency drive works as convertor one frequency AC current to another and solves two problems at the same time:

  • It increases the belts lifetime because of smooth engine starting.
  • It saves 25% of electricity in comparing with usual compressors.

Zammer screw compressor with integrated dehumidifier and frequency drive is a machine which is full ready to work. It is only necessary to connect the electricity power and pneumatic equipment.

Where is the Zammer belt drive compressors more advisable?

Belt drive Zammer compressors are widespread in the industries where the increased loads for compressors demand. It is conditioned by easy to use and the availability of all spare parts, so in case of damage, it is no need to afraid of downtime.

But belt drive models are noisier than straight rotor compressors.

However, the Zammer machines are made in noise-insulated box, which reduces noise for more than 30%