Zammer diesel compressors

Zammer diesel compressors are full autonomy and mobile screw stations based on the German engines Deutz company.

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Construction’s specifity

Screw module by German Rotorcomp company is the main quality of the compressor which provides the steady air pressure of 7 – 15 bar, while cheap operation expenses.

The Deutz engine is designed for high loads and fuel economy. Engine lifetime to the capital repair is 15000 hours, and service time is each 500 hours working even while permanent operating.

The torque transmission from diesel engine to screw shaft is provided by the elastic coupling, so the straight rotor is used. The advantages of straight rotor in mobile machines are undeniably, because it is a few place inside the case required.

Microchip module which allows to manage working details, the level of battery charging and full automation of operating process is the electronic feature of Zammer compressors.

Diesel compressors are made in three variants:

  • On a support;
  • On the chassis with the height regulated exhaust pipe;
  • On the chassis with the not height regulated exhaust pipe;

The exhaust pipe is easy removed when it is necessary for loading and transportation in the last two variants

Besides, all compressors are provided with the lift stand for comfortable loading and unloading with the lift. For the loading of the machine it is enough to fix the hook of the lift to the loop.

All filling is packed in the compact box with all-weather safety surface. Besides, not only the box is protected of the corrosion, but also an electronic control panel too. The box construction is well done for using in all conditions.

  • The frame is provided with a pallet, exclude the overflow of technical liquids on the floor;
  • The access to internal units of the compressor is provided of all sides.

Besides. The appliance completed the battery, counter rollers, reflectors – it means it is full ready for working in all conditions.


The advantages of Zammer diesel compressors are clear:

  • Mobility. It is easy for transportation, don’t require a lot of place. If remove the exhaust pipe, it is possible to load up to 8 compressors in one EUFOR.
  • Autonomy. Don’t require the electricity because work by diesel fuel.
  • Low fuel consumption – only 8 kg per hour when full power working.
  • The box and the chassis are covered by anticorrosion paint.
  • It is possible to make a control of all of the process on the microchip module screen.

Sphere of application

The most widespread sphere of application of Zammer diesel compressors, of course, is the road construction, where the autonomy compressed air source need.