Zammer screw compressors

The screw module is the main part in screw compressors, where an air compression occurs by the decreasing of operating hollows, which appear between two screw rotors and the walls of the box.

The screw modules by German company Rotorcomp, whose service life were designed for 100 thousand machine hours working are used in Zammer compressors.

Zammer screw compressors

The integrated multifunctional electronic high reliable module Airmaster is the second advantage of Zammer compressors, because it can be used for:

  • Switching the energy-save mode in compressor;
  • Controlling the operating characteristics;
  • Receiving of warning messages in case of emergency in time;
  • Remote control for the appliance.

Zammer compressors modifications

According to the power type, Zammer compressors are divided:

  • Electric are used for connection to single-phase network (power up to 7 kW), and to triple-phase network (power more than 7 kW);
  • Electricity independent – based on diesel engine by Deutz company, which is the biggest producer of industrial engines in Europe.

Also, Zammer compressors are divided according the drive type:

  • Belt driven compressors of low and average power from 4 kW to 75 kW. They are provided the efficiency factor to 92%, while the compressor and its service is cheaper than straight rotor driven. But as for disadvantages, the belt tensile decrease the efficiency factor, that need service each 4000 machine hours.
  • Straight rotor machines are more powerful – from 30 kW to 350 kW because of the connection couplings which fix the edges of rotors with the engine shaft. They have the highest efficiency factor to 99% and don’t need the permanent service.

The most compressors are completed with the compressed air collector. Receiver equalizes the operating pressure, then it chills the compressed air and removes condensate. The spheres that don’t require high quality of compressed air can use the machines without receiver.

Also, Zammer screw compressors modification line has models with integrated dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier is a freon refrigerator with a low dew point, and used for removal excess moisture from compressed air.

Zammer screw compressor advantages

  • Economy. Screw compressors spend 40% lower electricity than piston analogues while the same efficiency.
  • It provides the high quality compressed air inside which is achieved by the double step oil separation system. Finally the air contains not more than 3 mg per litre of oil.
  • High oil economy. Besides, screw modules Rotorcomp are reliably protected of leaks with the triple seal system and it also has the recycling oil system channel.
  • Durability. There aren’t any reciprocating motions inside the screw modules, so the overheating of the parts is excepted. So, operating lifetime of the screw compressors can be up to 100000 machinery hours, and the first service required only after 45000 hours.
  • The noise level is less than 60 – 65 Db. It can work in any space.
  • It is easy to control because of the microchip console which makes easy to choose the operating mode of compressor, to manage working parameters and also make a remote control of the machine.
  • It is easy in installation and transportation and requires only to connect the electricity (or refuel the gasoline) and pneumatic appliances. Also, the screw compressors are made in a compact housing that doesn’t make any problems during transportation.

Sphere of application

Screw compressors are in demand practically all over spheres of industry, which need the pneumatic tools connection.

Zammer products is widespread in all spheres, such as nutritional, chemical and medicine where the quality of compressed air is very important.

Choice criterion

Besides the type of compressor, it is necessary to choose its parameters before buying:

  • The power of the compressor depends on total power of all pneumatic tools which is connected to it at the same time. It is recommended to buy the compressors 20% more power than need to avoid extreme working.
  • Efficiency specifies according the same principle as a power.
  • Operating pressure also depends on the total pressure of the connected machines to it, and receivers in Zammer compressors low the air flow pulsation.
  • The necessity of receiver is defined from its application, because the tools connected to the compressor is often sensitive to operating differential pressure.